2 Month Countdown

It’s been far too long since the last update, sorry folks. Franklin comes home in two short months! July 6th is the big day.

Elder Morley is in Las Cruces right now, a city near Hatch where he was last fall, and before last month he was in Rio Rancho. Since it was Mother’s Day yesterday we had the pleasure of skyping him. He looks fantastic! Happy, still the same funny guy he was when he left, hard-working, and dedicated. He’s working with a Mexican companion right now who’s pretty fresh into the mission and they are living in a trailer. Franklin says there’s a lot of work to do in his area but he’s up to the challenge and happy to see any progress made.

About one of their investigators, Franklin said in a recent email, “Mayra got baptized! I have the pictures in my camera but forgot the reader thing, if we have time I’ll try and get back and send them. Our bishop is an awesome guy, we kept asking him what to help out with but he had everything already set. The one little assignment he gave us the day of the baptism was to go make a few copies of the program, and we failed miserably having an office-episode type moment where nothing was working, haha pressing cancel shot out more copies, that kind of stuff. The bishop eventually came looking for us and laughed and just gave Mayra the nice one he made. Elder Romero baptized her, he was stoked for the opportunity for his first baptism and a little nervous, but everyhting went fine. Sunday was testimony meeting, Mayra had to work but still made the first half of sacrament meeting and her confirmation. It was cool to see a lot of young men get up and bear their testimony.” Just today he wrote, “Yesterday we had an appointment fall through so we walked around to go visit somewhere new, ended up talking to some people for awhile but didn’t get too far because they were pretty drunk, but on the way back met Willie. Willie started off kind of brushing us off but after talking a little bit became really interested. He says he’s been going to a lot of different churches trying to find where he feels like God wants him. We left him a Book of Mormon and explained a little about it and sent the english missionaries by. Excited to see how it goes. ”

Finally, in his deep thought mode he wrote, “I love studying. I still have struggles but I get so much more now out of reading than I did. Sometimes I love those mornings when your brain is running a thousand miles an hour and when you put that wth scriptures you get a thousand thoughts at once you don’t even have time to write it all down but you do your best. There’s a bunch of projects started never finished in my study journal because there’s something that takes up the time but it’ll be great someday to finish everything. You can’t ever learn it all, not here at least, but still go for it.
I love being a missionary. It’s going really quick. See you soon!”

He hasn’t sent many pictures lately, otherwise we would post them, but he will be home in no time!

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