Farewell Hatch, Hello Rio Rancho and an updated address…

Hi All,

A long overdue update. Franklin was transferred from Hatch on December 15, 2010 and is now serving in Rio Rancho, a suburb of Albuquerque. His new missionary companion is a college friend from freshman year, a real coincidence that they get to serve together.

Franklin’s address:

4400 Presidential Drive NE Suite e
Albuquerque NM 87109

A few highlights from Hatch, in Franklin’s words-

November 15, 2010:

“well Hatch Valley is in the semifinals for football! they beat the Shiprock Chieftains on Saturday. They’re ranked 5th in state and are going to play the 4th ranked, I forgot the name. We spent a good chunk of Saturday on a corner in downtown Hatch with a bunch of old church VHS tapes and DVDs and a “free” sign we made giving stuff out to people. The nice lady who owned the store said sure go ahead so we gathered up all the old stuff no one ever calls in for anymore and some DVDs and things, and rocked that little street corner for a few hours. We gave out about ten or fifteen videos. We ended up timing part of our shift right before the football game, and there was a car wash fundraiser going on, so we got a solid amount of traffic. It was more relaxing than knocking doors for sure. No one can hate you too much if you’re sitting on the side of the road smiling trying to give out a free video about Jesus Christ. A funny thing about sitting there we found out, there were around ten cars that drove through the same intersection again and again. It got awkward to wave at the same guy for the eighth time. Another thing, some of the people who got movies, most actually, drove around the block a few times before stopping. So they were either building up the courage, or we need a better sign.”

November 29, 2010

“Thanksgiving was intense…three stops, everyone went traditional except at night we had tacos instead. And instead of gravy everyone had chile. The Martinezs here had family visiting from Colorado so we came back Saturday for some barbacoa. The grandma was in charge and she made it out of cow’s head. When we got there someone already ate the tongue but I told them before to save an eye for me. Pretty sure I only want to do that once.”

“On Black Friday some folks we know got some phones, they showed them to us yesterday, those things are crazy. I thought it was crazy when you got google map on the phone but she had the phone for three days and got a police scanner on it. what? haha I could listen to police radio in Minnesota. and you can skype from a phone? won’t believe it till I see it.”

And finally, missionaries study, teach and serve full-time. Because of this commitment, they have insights that are sincere. Franklin recently shared this thought:

“God wants to give everyone personal revelations, guidance and assurances of His plan. There’s some work we have to do to receive them, a small price that we don’t get to negotiate, it’s so small, but but because it means we have to be obedient to someone or something it’s so difficult for us to do. We’re in control of our ability and capacity to receive personal revelation.”

To all of Franklin’s family and friends-he loves you dearly. That is why he serves a mission.

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