Changes and Adjustments

Franklin has been working his tail off. “This week was crazy! Never been so tired. So much for working out. Right now all that happens is get up at 6:30, move to the other room, and fall asleep on the floor. Some really weird dreams happen that way.” As far as more adjusting in the new mission area, “The mission’s been going through some changes and some have been pretty difficult for the zone. Things are a lot stricter for cars and district leaders have a lot of what zone leaders had to do now. There’s nothing to do about it but some of the old missionaries are pretty resistant. It’s not too big of a deal, it just gets funny to listen to after a while.”

Apparently there’s been some violence going on in Juarez and some friends of people in Franklin’s ward were killed. While it was tragic, Franklin and his companion had the opportunity to teach and bear testimony of God and His plan of salvation. “That was pretty special.”

The investigator Scott had a very smooth baptism. The mission president dropped by and shared his testimony at the end of the service with Scott “which is like Rachael Ray coming over to make you a sandwich.” The spirit was strong and it made the baptism that much more special.

The next day there was a great turnout at church. Eight people! The spirit was again very strong and “it was an awesome sacrament meeting for us.” The meeting got him thinking, “Whenever God sets up an ordinance, like sacrament, baptism, confirmation, blessings, even things like prayer and fasting, He doesn’t design them to take up all of your attention and make any part of it a show. Instead He leaves it as simple and wide open as possible to allow you room to think, to feel, to ask and listen. Even (and especially) in the temple it’s that way. I’m really grateful for that. I know a lot of important messages for me would have been missed if things weren’t set up that way.”

Transfers just happened recently and Franklin’s companion, Elder Palomo, it going to Albuquerque and Franklin is staying in his area as a trainer. “I’m sad to see him go. We were working great together and I couldn’t have done any of it without him. I’m going to be training here. It should be fun but I’m trying to get everything ready here, everything’s ready to blow in this area and the only people that know it are Elder Palomo and me. I think my biggest fear is forgetting something. But my priority is figuring out what to do to the trainee. Do you still have the security vest, mom? I think I’ll make him wear it and back me out of every parking space.”

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