“Hey homeslices”

It’s been crazy hot lately (112-115 degrees) which apparently makes the metal in cars radioactive so the missionaries down there have to take extra caution. Sounds like they had a bit of fun though when were ”trying to burn each other every chance we got. Only in El Paso, where the sun can weaponize your change.”

Things are looking good, despite a slow patch a couple weeks ago. One of the investigators, Scott, set a date for himself on the 31st of July. He’s been really sick recently, but he’s looking forward to everything coming up. Even though Franklin and his companion still didn’t get anyone to church, they were able to get a lot of things done which made it a satisfying week.

In his ‘thought’ portion of his email, Franklin said, “I spent a lot of time going through old general conference talks these last couple weeks while I was preparing a talk and some trainings and found one from President Uchtdorf, “The Infinite Power of Hope,” at least something like that, it was in a Spanish copy and I don’t remember exactly. After reading that one and going to church, it led to thinking about a lot. Sometimes it feels so tempting to look around and think we’re all doomed. to stop trying because it’s not worth it. And, it can happen to any of us, no matter what we believe or how long we’ve believed it. If anyone is feeling down, I love that talk and recommend it.”

A new mission means a new mission president. In Franklin’s words, “. . . our president went from being straight up and to the point to a little off guard, mellow. I’m sure three years of directing a mission will turn President Miler into the same kind of person President Walker is.” So far, everything seems to be transitioning smoothly, just a little change in president personalities.

Here’s Franklin’s new mailing address (he just passed his ONE YEAR mark so send him a congratulations!):

New Mexico Albuquerque Mission
4400 Presidential Dr. NE Suite E
Albuquerque, NM 87109

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