More Slow-Mo

Teaching has been pretty slow lately. In the past couple weeks, a lot of baptisms fell through and there were few teaching opportunities, but every mission is going to have times like that. Franklin did get to go to the temple on Wednesday. “We went through a session and met President and Sister Walker at the end. We moved to the institute building a few blocks away after and held a short testimony meeting before dinner. The whole thing was powerful, definitely hard for everyone to say goodbye to the Walkers but I think much harder for them to say goodbye to us.”

One of Franklin’s investigators, Steve who is actually Franklin’s age and graduated high school the same year, is getting ready for baptism. “He’s probably the most down to earth guy I’ve met. He’s doing so well. His wife Sam is a very inactive member who didn’t get much of a foundation in the church except from her aunt. Sam’s coming back strong now too. They have a little baby Sofia who I think is secretly the fifth member of the fantastic four because her hair never fails to shoot in all directions static-style and once I swear she gave me a shock.”

Finally, in Franklin’s last words in his past couple of emails he has given some thought about the gospel and how it can solve any problem. “It gets us where we can’t get on our own.” In a talk he heard, there was a quote mentioned that went something like, “Try and keep on trying until that which seems difficult becomes possible, and that which seems only possible becomes habit and a real part of us.”

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