Franklin is now a district leader (he got called a few weeks ago) which holds a lot of responsibilities. “I get to track three times the people, give a few trainings, and give interviews for baptism which is the really cool part. I can mess up calls and trainings as long as I get the interview right. There’s just too much to hold on to at once! I’m trying to get through everything piece by piece.” The district is six missionaries big right now and everyone is older than Franklin except for his companion.

A few baptisms have happened since the last blog update: Vicky, Brian, and Sean. Franklin was definitely excited about that. He, like any missionary, loves to see an investigator he’s been teaching get to know the Gospel for himself/herself and develop the desire to follow its true teachings.

In his last email, Franklin talked about being more straight up with people than before. “I’m still polite but if people start to be rude with me because I’m a missionary and I’m so stupid for being out here and how silly and misguided you are and etc I’ll probably say something. I’ve studied my Bible pretty well but in situations like that we don’t open it up really. The theme in anyone who comes and tries to talk us down is always the same. Have you read the Book of Mormon? “No” – but you’ve read a bunch of stuff written by people who want to bring the church down. Good choice. Very accurate. Or “Yes,” but really no, because they read an anti mormon article with a BoM scripture in it. And have you prayed and asked God if it’s true? “No” – so why are you talking to me? You already depend on people more than God for your answer. Or Yes – but really? Your answer from God was to come and harass someone preaching about Jesus Christ? Same thing. You already had your answer. And by the way, I know this is true. The Book of Mormon wasn’t cooked up by Joseph Smith. Explain to me how almost two hundred years later, after anti theory after anti theory comes and goes, it’s still here, and millions of people have joined a church that’s still going long after Joseph Smith has died. Explain all the miracles and testimonies that have happened in between that time and happen today. Explain the miracles I’ve seen. But more important than all that, I know it’s true because I’ve read it and I prayed and asked God and I know what the answer is. You can do the same thing. But until you do that, you’ll never know what the truth is.”

“It goes something like that.
Maybe too strong. I don’t know. Elder Morley the missionary is always a work in progress.”
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One Comment on “Happenins”

  1. Papa Frank Says:

    I’m proud of you Elder Morley

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