Small Miracles

After Zone Conference and General Conference, Franklin and his companion found a couple, Jesus and Teri, who are the kind of people that begin devouring the Gospel as soon they are introduced to it. “Jesus didn’t have much of a belief in anything and had shut us out before but something in him told him to let us in, he said.” Teri says she feels something every time she reads the Book of Mormon and finds answers to her questions. They are a genuine and honest couple. Franklin seems very hopeful about them and anxious to help them progress more.

Franklin has a new location! He is in the Transmountain Spanish branch and the Hondo Pass English ward now. His new companion is Elder Ehlen from Washington who is “a cool guy, pretty chill, kind of quiet” and one transfer younger than Franklin. This last week was especially good for teaching and there was a great story: “Tony, a marine who has been to Iraq four times, had been taught by the sisters and had basically driven them crazy. They left him a Book of Mormon, which he didn’t read. Out in Iraq his convoy hit a roadside bomb and as he crawled out and began to shoot he was hit in the leg three times. The medic came over and told him he had about five minutes to clamp the artery before he would die. He said he laid on his back and prayed if God would let him live he would give the Mormons another chance. Somehow he got fixed up but as he stood up, he was hit by a sniper right in the chest. The bullet was strong enough to break through his kevlar and plate, but he had shoved Book of Mormon the sisters gave him right above his heart, pragmatic guy he is. The bullet went through the book too and barely scratched his skin. Now he’s here still sarcastic and insulting as he was before I think but we think he’s awesome and can tell he’s an honest guy.”

Since this is his first transfer he’s not used to having to get to know everybody and “hit up all the members and things,” but the work is going well and Franklin is excited (“I’m pretty pumped”). He also said he’ll have more time to write people!

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