Uphill Battle

The last couple weeks have been tough again. Franklin and his companion had a couple investigators that seemed to show a willingness to progress but then suddenly dropped communication. “We had some amazing investigators we found in some brownish yellow apartments we lovingly nicknamed the spicy mustards, who had accepted the commitment to be baptized and were reading the Book of Mormon. They are a young husband and wife with two daughters, three and almost one. We had three wonderful lessons, then weren’t able to see them Friday and Saturday. On Sunday we came by when they were home and they wouldn’t answer the door. Left some notes and a phone call, came back one more time but haven’t heard anything back. Still no answer. The same thing happened with another investigator, an amazing first lesson where all three of us felt the Spirit so strong. No one answers the door now. Nobody can seem to get past the first three lessons or come to church.”

On the other hand, Franklin was excited to share that Abraham Escarsega finally accepted a baptismal date! Franklin also described a little miracle: “We were trying for the last time to follow up on a couple that had shut us out after three (three!) strong lessons with no explanation and were walking back to the car when we both saw two little girls playing outside and a door open. We decided to say hello and found a friendly guy who told us to come back. Yesterday we saw him again and I’ve rarely met someone so hungry for the gospel as he was. He had turned down missionaries before and has had a messed up life, but wants us to give him everything we have.”

Franklin finally got around to writing a letter and in it he mentioned how he is striving to be more obedient. While his desire in the mission has always been to do what the rules say, obedience, he says, can sometimes feel like a big obstacle. “Sometimes we would save time and resources another way, or sometimes (the hardest) you don’t want to seem as if you’re calling another missionary to repentance or anything. Obedience has always been how we receive blessings from God. . . God has never wanted to punish us, but given us standards and pretty strict rules because He sees who we are and how much we can really be, even though we can’t.”

Finally, here are some photos!

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