Hard Work

Things have been so busy lately, Franklin hasn’t had time to write letters so we’ve just been hearing from him through emails.

Franklin is still in the same area but he has a new companion, Elder Jordan. They’ve been around each other for three months already so they are pretty set. The Tapia family is being taught again (Franklin and his companion stopped teaching them for about two months) and the Escarsegas are still doing well. This last week especially, Franklin and Elder Jordan fought hard. They were unable find many people they wanted to visit or get a single member out with them. “It’s easy to feel like all we did is spin wheels all day sometimes. But if we didn’t care about these people we’d stay home. We’ll take the blessings when they come, no problem with that.”

Of their zone leaders, Franklin said, “We have two pretty laid back zone leaders, they are working missionaries and do everything well but definitely make sure to have fun, another change. I’ve never had leaders I didn’t like but they sure are different.”  Missionary descriptions of maybe not-so-good things are always so gentle.

Some of Franklin’s latest scriptural thought came out of Alma 13: 3 and 12. “I was put to thinking about why it can be so easy to give in to things sometimes. I knew there was something in there about some people and sin eventually being revolting, or disgusting to them. And that’s what we’d all like I think, to be able to avoid sin that way, unhappiness that way. I like verse 3 because it describes all of us as we started making decisions and came here, and shows me that even if we feel defeated and worthless, the fact we’re here is knowledge we chose the good then.”

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