Great things by small means

Last week was pretty slow for Franklin and his companion, but they made it through nonetheless. Right now they are teaching an investigator named Alma who is hilarious. Her son, who’s in his late 20’s, attended the English ward last Sunday, so Franklin and Elder Anderson went with him which led to an interesting story: “…it was the noisiest sacrament meeting I’ve been to I think. Probably just because there were about 300 people in a stake center. But more important I was looking around and I saw this old man ,who Elder Cuevas and I had knocked into about 4 months earlier and dropped in a couple days because he wasn’t interested in hearing the gospel, just having two guys in his house, but there he was sitting in the back row! I asked Elder Whitney about him (English elder) and he said they had been referred to him through the zone leaders somehow. That man is 93 years old and kept calling us to help him arrange papers for selling his house and little things. He stopped calling, then three weeks later out of the blue he called again about his neighbors harassing him and stealing his things, and we said he needs to call his family or get help. He didn’t seem to be listening, So I gave him the number for the free Book of Mormon and let him go. Three weeks later he’s in church and getting ready to be baptized. He had a church tour, loves going to church and went on a family history tour. I had no idea that could happen.”

Franklin and his companion went on an exchange last Sunday with Isaiah Soto whose dad approached them in church and asked them to take his son out to some visits to keep Isaiah from getting into trouble. They had a visit with Alma “which went well, but Isaiah didn’t get a chance to do too much so I felt kinda bad. I saw a little of myself in him during the lesson, even though he doesn’t look it now he’ll be out there serving a mission someday.”

Another interesting thing Franklin mentioned was that sometimes keeping the commandments isn’t just for our own good but for the good of those around us. “I think when the Lord asks us to be diligent and keep commandments with exactness and things like that it’s not because our personal salvation might be so much at stake, but it could jeopardize somebody else’s when they don’t see someone living the gospel they say they’re living, or they should’ve felt a spirit that wasn’t there. The littlest things do missionary work too, we just don’t get the privilege of seeing it every time.” 1 Nephi 16: 28-29—by small means the Lord can bring about great things.

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