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One Fourth

January 22, 2010

Franklin is now 6 months into his mission which means he is one-fourth done with his mission already. He admits it flew by, but another 6 months ahead seems a long ways away.

The mission is pretty active and several baptisms have happened lately. While this is exciting for the missionaries, they still have their rough patches:

“This week had some hard points in it, I got stuck a little bit feeling something I’ve felt before, which is that everybody else gets it except me. I found myself stressing out and watching everyone watch me wondering why I’m that way. And I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong and why I couldn’t enjoy the mission like I wanted to and why was I feeling the same way. I hate the way Satan digs up the past, even out here. Somewhere in a New Ensign it talks about how faith is about looking to the future not into the past. I think Satan was trying to say we didn’t have enough faith, that’s why nothing happened–if we could’ve had more faith, it would’ve come together. But I think God just wants to see if we’ll still have faith anyway.”



January 12, 2010

We haven’t gotten a letter in a while but he sent lots o’ photos this week!