Franklin and his companion recently (on Christmas actually) baptized a teenager named Tiro who was following in the footsteps of his father Tomas. These are Franklin’s words:

The baptism went well, some things came up that tried to screw it up – a lady showed up at their house and gave Tiro a hard time about being baptized, this lady did the same thing to Tomas (the dad), and she would not let up no matter what Tiro tried to say. Eventually he told her to leave and she threw a fit. Tiro got mad at Tomas and things looked bad for a little but everything went fine.
A cool story about Hermana Escarsega, the mom of this family – she finally set a date for the end of January but I think she won’t keep it. The reason why is she wants to be baptized by another elder, the one who found the family. This elder was converted when he was 18 and was kicked out of his home by his family two years earlier. He sold everything to come out on a mission. He’s a little wild but he was definitely the one meant to find the family. They have a special connection and know his story and are planning on legally adopting him after his mission. She mentioned she would be baptized this saturday if he was there to baptize her. I’m all for it and we’re waiting on President’s okay to get him over here. He called us and told me the sister shouldn’t have to ask for him to come do it, just keep working on it but I think baptizing your mom is a one time opportunity. We’ll see.

While the holiday season is tough because so many people are gone, Franklin sounded really good when he called us on Christmas day. He definitely sounds different but in a positive way, like his attitude and happiness are at an all-time high. Service is probably one of his strengths.

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