Rolling through December

Franklin saw a 6-foot tumbleweed! Apparently it actually caused some damage. It also snowed down there—the sirens started going off because Texans don’t really know what to do when they see white rain. Those poor people.

Franklin and his companion seem to be having some success with a few investigators. A couple others aren’t continuing in the lessons as well,—one day was rough when the missionaries heard of two investigators about to suddenly drop the teachings— but overall work is progressing at a healthy pace. One guy called the missionaries out of the blue and said he wanted to be baptized. He was taught three months ago and had been reading the Book of Mormon on his own. When Franklin’s district leader heard about him, he said, “Alright. Baptize the hell out of him.”

It was interesting what Franklin said in one of his letters: “I think it’s pretty neat how the Lord uses whatever we have in our personality and ability and then organizes people we meet—not always people that click instantly, actually almost never, but people He knows that if you try, you’ll be able to understand who you’re teaching, and/or learn from them something specific to you. Whether you’re quiet or talkative or rambunctious or anything, as long as you’re trying there is someone (some people) out there specifically for you.”

You said it Franklin.

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