The mission is going well – Franklin and his companion are getting a lot of opportunities to teach people. That said, the majority of them don’t continue progression in the Church, but the exposure to different people is a good thing. After bearing his strongest testimony of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon to a preacher, Franklin said, “He talked a little after and said things he had said before, then said, ‘You’re trying to lead an old horse in a different direction. I’m too far down this road.’ No matter what we said we knew it wouldn’t change. It was hard because I know he felt a little tug and didn’t want to change.”

In the last zone conference, the missionaries of the area were joined by Elder Kikuchi, a member of the Quorum of the Seventy. Franklin’s description of him was that of admiration as he explained that Elder Kikuchi’s mission was extended twice, resulting in a 3.5-year-long mission. At this zone conference, Franklin and his companion were called on to do a demo first lesson of the first vision principle. After his companion introduces the principle, he turns to Franklin at which point Franklin is to say the first vision. “I’m the only sound in there. So I go through it the first time. It goes ok, but Elder Kikuchi shows how fast you’re supposed to say it, to give the Spirit time to talk, and then he kneels behind me and lays his hand on my back with a tiny bit of pressure to tell me to slow down and tells us to try it again. We do it again and the Spirit was there, not just there but there as though we were breathing it. And I didn’t want to be there, I don’t like that kind of thing being in front of people and doing things but I’m glad I got to have that.”

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