Fast Pace

Through transfers and missionaries leaving, Franklin is now the main man as far as knowing the area the most. His companion is Elder Anderson who has excellent Spanish, is smart with working with members, and has a sharp sense of time (a blessing for Franklin). At this point, things are moving “uncomfortably fast,” but they are running smoothly too. Now that the pace has changed, Franklin says,

“I was struggling for a while here. The mission is a lot of things the MTC didn’t prepare me for, and I think it could’ve. I did really enjoy a lot of it, but could have used a lot of other things in place of some much more. When I came in here, I was hoping I could follow the rules and not get a hard time about it from anyone. Getting ridiculed from the outside is pretty easy, from the inside is a lot more lonely. But I did realize I was stressing out a lot and missionary work goes a lot slower when I choose to be stressed. Like you said Dad, happiness is a choice. And it’s pretty great how the Spirit helps find ways to bring us together.”

He goes on to say that the Gospel is not separate from the church, from our lives, or from the world. It is rather the fabric of it all. Everybody’s in it and everybody needs it.

Franklin had the opportunity to baptize an 8-year-old boy who’s father is a recent convert. He said he (Franklin) was REALLY nervous, but fortunately everything went okay. He has also given five blessings so far and points out that while they didn’t have great Spanish, they did everything they could. “I think I get scared of things like that because I focus on my weakness and feel like I’m supposed to do it alone. I’m so glad the plan doesn’t work (? – handwriting is hard to read here) that way.”

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One Comment on “Fast Pace”

  1. Shelley Says:

    Hey Emma. Thanks so much for keeping us updated on Franklin. I really appreciate all of the insights he shares from out in the field. Let him know that we continue to pray for him and hope for great success!! Also, you are a great sister to take this task on. Kudos to you too!!! Shelley

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