Slow Mo

From his letter dated 10/19/09 Franklin said his week was a little bit slower. Elder Cuevas (Cueras? Handwriting is difficult to read..) came down with a bad stomach flu through which he tried to keep working but eventually had to return to the apartment. He got to the point where he couldn’t even hold down water so he was given a blessing along with some medicine and slowly he recovered. “…it was a little scary for a while, since we were all trying to do everything through phones and keep the situation from getting to hospital level, and keep everyone’s investigators taught. There was a lot of long restless study hours and a couple frantic moments.”

Through exchanges and zone training, Franklin says he is finally figuring out his zone and “who we are.” His determination to improve his own character is unchanged: “I’m determined to not be the same things again out here to my companions. Being patient and relaxed is hard, I’m pretty weak in those areas. Being friendly and earning trust of other missionaries is slow. It’ll happen, I’m just so tired of the way I feel sometimes that’s just like the same stuff again. Change is so slow!” At least right now, it seems like relations is the hardest challenge for Franklin. That said, I don’t think he has ever been fully aware of the positive impact he has had on people in the past.

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