As of October

So the mission continues. “…I’m trying to get to know the area but it’s slow going. I’ll get it though!” At least Franklin’s bike troubles are flattening out…for now. However, among the members Franklin says he is still struggling to gain their confidence, so he’s doing his best to get to know them. “…I’ve been making progress but my Spanish isn’t exactly awe inspiring. It’ll be alright whatever happens though.”

The last Conference really impressed Franklin. Describing it, he says, “Something about their [general authorities] callings and General Conference leaves an impression of the Spirit so hard, and when the meeting’s over and the Spirit leaves, nothing can fill that impression the same way.”

On October 4th, Franklin’s companion baptized an investigator and members of this investigator’s family are also gradually progressing in the Gospel. There is much love and appreciation shared between this investigative family and the missionaries.

Of research Franklin recently did on the Holy Ghost, he says, “Even though many people aren’t holding the gift of the Holy Ghost many, if not all, have felt the power, and communication with the Spirit is directly from heaven and, in the moment we receive it, completely pure.” Powerful insight. More comes in the research he did of Doctrine and Covenants and “how if we want a blessing, it’s by obedience to an eternal law set before the foundations of the world.” The simplicity of it is striking but the difficulty of it seems inevitable. “…how blessed do we want to be? Follow the law of heaven and we’re not going to get lost – then by the end of the day we’ve made so many mistakes and slipped up so many times.” Franklin gives the example of Peter denying Christ three times, then later Christ asked him three times if he loved him. “I wonder if after the third time Peter felt like he had lost some heavenly estate he couldn’t get back by breaking a promise he made with the Lord. That must’ve tortured him. But Christ promised he’d be forgiven, and Christ is never going to change His mind about what He says.”

Franklin, his comp, and not sure who the other guy is..


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