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Franklin has bad bike karma. His tires keep popping..

Yet the missionary world keeps turning: “One woman is raising 4 girls by herself while her husband is in Kentucky looking for work, she has really been transformed by the gospel and is one of the few people eager to learn. I realize more and more how we aren’t the ones doing any teaching. All of our efforst in trying to be righteous and get ourselves together and help other missionaries do the same and do everything possible for people makes wherever we teach a temporary sacred place where the spirit can be there. If everyone there has their heart turned the same way we can all feel it.”

Franklin says he can already feel himself slip into old habits like getting distracted and complaining. I (Emma) say that even just a realization of this is progress toward NOT slipping into those old habits. Franklin says “…somewhere in the scriptures Jesus teaches every idle word we’ll have to account for. The most powerful examples I’ve seen and look up to are people, missionaries or members or anyone, who never say anything bad about anybody. They never have to worry about if they’ve said something offensive. What a great way to live!”

I tried to pick out a line or two from Franklin’s last email but I couldn’t choose which ones I like best. So here’s a somewhat large quote: ”

The part of everything that always seems to make all I do so specific is that the people I’m connected with, my little sphere of influence, is a responsibility nobody else can take over for me. No other prophet or calling or man or woman can take my place. That brings me a little bit to being terrified. Like a responsibility  way beyond what I asked for, knowing every person I meet will be getting something from me they can’t get anywhere else and will depend on me doing the right thing…

…This morning I looked up fear in the bible dictionary. At the very end it says ever since the fall of Adam, God has been calling on us to not fear, but have the courage to go to our Father and ask for forgiveness with confidence we will receive it.”

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