The first days..

Excerpts from his last letter:

“A lot of things are making more sense now that I’ve landed out here in the field. There are a lot of things the MTC can prepare you for and a lot it can’t.” Of his departure from the MTC, “I was the last one [from his district], it was weird and quiet and I wanted to leave. We got on the bus and my companion for the trip, Elder Burns from Idaho, went with me through the gates and checking etc. to the phones where I called home, bought a little food, talked to some people, smiled and watched people look at you and that kind of stuff. The plane ride was really quick, we were on a teeny tiny plane. Got to Tucson and met the president and Sister Walker and the assistants, looked at (real) cacti for the first time. Next morning we had our companions set and were sent off across our humongous area.”

…”After I bought a bike the rear tire went flat in a day, many many people don’t show when they say they will, a lot of others love seeing you and will talk to you forever but don’t have a place for the gospel in conversation, all the time I have very little idea what’s being said. This mission is very active and we do have a lot of ward support.”

…”A lot of times I kind of feel like I’m on the verge of getting something done but never cross over because of my limitations. My companion has been teaching a very ready family, and then has to train me. Trying to get to know members and leaders is tough. But somehow despite everything, stuff happens.”

…”I’m happy here I promise.”

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