In his last letter, Franklin excitedly stated, “I’m a month and a half older than when I started!” He and his district are now becoming the ‘viejos’ (old ones) and will be heading out into the field pretty soon. Recently, the missionaries at the MTC were able to experience the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Dedication. Franklin describes the scene as an auditorium holding 2,200+ missionaries that was COMPLETELY SILENT. He was impressed by the importance of respect that all the missionaries seemed to understand.

One of the most striking things Franklin wrote was his last two paragraphs:

“This gospel is the most inviting and fair thing I know. The world judges on accomplishment, talent, and reputation, and will influence those in it to do the same as soon as it can grab hold of whatever part of us we leave in it. That is the world’s nature. Sometimes I catch myself wishing it would change, but I already know it never will. The gospel allows everyone, no matter what or who. In a world of twisted priorities the gospel is the voice of a loving Father in Heaven who only wants the best for us. We are all suffering the effects of this world which has never been more influential and persuasive and never more prepared to drag us down the moment we waver. But God’s voice is always there, if we listen.

God doesn’t look down on us and say, ‘You could’ve done so much better, you fail to do your best each day, you do not honor your God, your word means little.’ He could, He would be right. But because He says, ‘I accept your offering today, it is small, and flawed and not all I asked, but it is honest, and I love you and will help you,’ we grow.

Someday, we’ll be fully aware of how much God loves us. Maybe that’t the very end.”

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